036 One of my home town, Yosano in Kyoto.

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Yosano Town is located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, west of Amanohashidate, one of the three most scenic spots in Japan.

It is one of the important hometowns for me, I’ve lived in this land blessed with abundant nature for several years.

In addition, Yosano Town is a place where the production of Japan’s finest silk fabric called “Tango Chirimen” was once thriving.



This time, I first visited the “Kaya” area surrounded by mountains in the southwestern part of Yosano Town.

In the Kaetsu area, there is an area called “Chirimen Kaido” where old-fashioned buildings are preserved.


This “Former Bito Family Home” was the residence of a wealthy merchant in the past, and it is possible to tour the inside.


カナダ人のご主人と、日本人の奥様が与謝野町に移住され開業された「CAFE 2Rin」さんです。


And here is the destination this time.

CAFE 2 Rin“, a Canadian husband and a Japanese wife who moved to Yosano-town and opened a business.

This is a place where local residents love it, although they are running a cafe while renovating an old folk house that was once weaved, and people from other areas also come.


The purpose of my visit to this place this time is the spiral staircase of ⬇️️.








A new cypress staircase attached to a vintage house.

A “DIY class” was held by the local carpenter and his wife, and the cafe owner and his wife and students worked together to create it in three days.

Of course, I also participated, but I handled the tools with unfamiliar hands and the finish was far from what I expected, and even if I didn’t get injured, I’m happy.

Some of the students have already purchased an old private house in the neighborhood and have lived there, and are in the process of renovating their own home, and they are quite skillful.

At break time, the cafe served sweets, and at lunch time, his wife’s handmade “saba-zushi (=Mackerel pressed sushi)” was served.

As an aside, this mackerel sushi. There was no odor peculiar to blue-backed fish, and the balance of strong sweetness and vinegar was exquisite in consideration of the tired body.

Unfortunately, I didn’t do much work, but I wrote this sentence because I jumped at the food that was served in front of me due to unfamiliar work and did not take a single picture. Now I noticed. ..


Initially, the work on this day was scheduled until 16:00, but in the end, due to the commitment of the builder, it was time for the crescent moon to shine when it was finished.





It was a DIY class invited by a carpenter and his wife, but I think it was a big harvest to be able to meet new people beyond the experience of woodworking.

In fact, it’s an irreplaceable connection with Yosano-town for me. It was this carpenter who created the opportunity.

It was this person who gave me the opportunity to come into deep contact with the local people when I came to this place a few years ago.

This time, he had a plan to work after this, so it was disbanded here, but I would like to get together with my “friends” again.


I usually take a day trip to an event in Yosano-town, but this time I plan to stay overnight because it will be a holiday the next day.



Accommodation is at a hotel in the “Iwataki district” by the sea in Yosano-town.

I have been indebted to this place for a long time, and spend time in a room overlooking Amanohashidate in the distant view.







Fireworks that I saw while taking a walk nearby this night. Perhaps because it was a petite event, I was able to shoot only this one.

Fireworks are nice, aren’t they?

By the way, this Yosano-town. Surrounded by scenic and beautiful nature, “friends of the natural world” surround humans at night time.

Deer, wild boar, and bear.

Therefore, locals do not walk near the mountains at night, and it is basic to move by car even in nearby places.

I used to set the YouTube volume to MAX (avoid bears) on my smartphone, but it was a “challengeer” night walk.


It’s morning. It’s a wonderful sunrise. I feel better.


Breakfast buffet. It incorporates a lot of rich local ingredients. It was very delicious.




Among them, the one that was recommended this time was the locally produced “Saba no Heshiko (salted mackerel in rice-bran paste)”.

This “Heshiko” is a preserved food made by salting mackerel with rice bran, and has a salt concentration that makes you think that it has been “specially processed”. It’s a friend of Japanese-sake at night, but it’s also perfect for “Ocha-zuke (Boiled rice in hot Japanese tea) in the morning.

A piece of “Heshiko” is a piece of rice, but this piece is enough.

朝食の後は、いつもの活動 ( = 鉄道写真撮影 )で京都丹後鉄道・与謝野駅へ。

After breakfast, head to Yosano Station on the Kyoto Tango Railway for the usual activities (= railway photography).




A train that imagines the beautiful sea of the Tango region in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture.

The ultramarine metallic color always gives off beauty.

This Limited Express train is heading to Kyoto Station.



It’s lunch time.

I will meet the person who took care of me again here.









This is Aso Seaside Park, a park facing the sea in Yosano-town.

The person who used to run a restaurant near here is now operating with a handmade kitchen car.

Aso Seaside Park with a side view of Amanohashidate.

It used to be a space where almost nothing was used.

There have been voices from locals who have always said, “We want to make the most of this space!”

However, some people thought, “This place is a park, so business activities are not allowed.” So the road to this point was not flat.

Now, with the strong feelings and efforts of many people, it has sometimes evolved into a place where multiple store openings are lined up.

I think this sense of dynamism is one of the attractions that attracts me to this town.


Well then, I’ll have lunch.





Chicken curry with plenty of fresh vegetables.

The chicken is carefully torn into small pieces, and the vegetables are crispy.

Roux was a curry that everyone could enjoy, although it was spicy and not very hot.

It was stable and delicious. Thank you for this meal.



Thank you for your reading this post.

I’m looking forward to your next visit.