010 Nishin-Soba (Buckwheat Noodle with Herring) in Kyoto stn. 2/2

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④ こちらは「八ツ橋」の老舗・本家西尾八ツ橋さんがされている、ぎをん為次郎です。

This is Gion Tamegiro, run by a long-established store ( Honke – Nisio Yatsuhasi )

in Yatsuhashi.

Honke → head family

Yatsuhasi → sweet rice cracker with cinnamon flavor


It is in the middle of the Hachijo – guchi aisle.



This herring is well seasoned, but it has no peculiarity, and I think it is easy to eat even for those who are not good at fish.

It’s also nice to have Yatsuhashi.

⑤ 次のお店は八条口通路の東エリアにある、くらま。天狗伝説で有名な、京都市北部の地名を店名にされています。

The next shop is Kurama, located in the eastern area of the Hachijo – guchi aisle.

The name of the store is the name of a place in the northern part of Kyoto, which is famous for the legend of Tengu.

Tengu → It is a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and are also considered a type of Shinto Deity (kami) or yōkai (supernatural beings). 


The herring scent is very good and you can enjoy the taste of grilled fish.

⑥ 最後の紹介は新幹線改札内コンコースにある、1861年創業の総本家 松葉。


The last introduction is So-Honke Matsuba, founded in 1861, in the concourse inside the Shinkansen ticket gate.

So – Honke → the main branch

The company’s website states that herring soba was announced by us in 1882.


The first impression was that the transparent “dashi ( soup )” was beautiful.



And the herring was big, thick, and had a rich taste.

Of course, the soba itself is supple, and there is nothing to say.





How was it, herring soba in the premises of Kyoto Station.

There may have been a difference in the expression, but all the herring soba in each shop are delicious and make you feel Kyoto.

In Kyoto, not only here but also many herring soba are waiting for you.

I hope you will try it when you come.



Thank you for your reading this post.

I’m looking forward to your next visit.