009 Nishin-Soba (Buckwheat Noodle with Herring) in Kyoto stn. 1/2

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One of the typical meals in Kyoto, Nishin-Soba (Buckwheat Noodle with Herring).


This time, I collected Nishin-Soba that you can meet in Kyoto station.

① まず最初は、私が昼食でよく立ち寄る場所。近鉄京都駅改札内の「麺ざんまい」。

First of all, the place I often stop by for lunch. A shop named “Men Zammai” in the ticket gate of Kintetsu Kyoto Station.

men → noodles

men zammai → all kinds of noodles


This is in front of the Shinkansen ticket gate, just to the left after entering the Kintetsu train ticket gate.


It has a soft body and is well-soaked in sweet taste.

② ここはJR京都駅嵯峨野線と、関西空港行き列車乗り場の手前に位置しています。

お店の名前は、麺屋 + (プラス)嵯峨野。

It is located in front of the JR Kyoto Station Sagano Line and the train stop for Kansai Airport.

The name of the shop is Men-ya + (plus) Sagano.



The aroma of green onions enhances the sweetness of herring.

And from the seat here, you can see the arriving train up close.

③ このお店は京都駅八条口、新幹線ホームの下にある近鉄京都駅のさらに下の階にあります。

「おそば処 葵」

This shop is located on the lower floor of Kintetsu Kyoto Station, which is located under the Shinkansen platform at the Hachijo exit of Kyoto Station.

“Osoba-dokoro Aoi”

osoba → polite way of saying “soba”

dokoro (=tokoro) → place

aoi → hollyhock ( The family crest of the Tokugawa family who opened the Tokugawa Shogunate in 1603. )


( つづく )

The kelp works well for the soup, and the herring tastes good here as well.

( to be continued )



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I’m looking forward to your next visit.