102 New Year Calligraphy Dedication. ( Movie Ver. )


In this issue, I would like to introduce the “New Year Calligraphy Dedication” YouTube video, which I introduced in my last blog.

① ノーマルバージョン ② 英語バージョン ③関西言葉バージョンの3つを作りました。

I created three versions: ① Normal version, ② English version, and ③ Kansai language ( = The Japanese I usually use in the Kansai (=part of western Japan) region. ) version.


This is the normal version of ①. I heard that it sounds like “Kansai language as it is” to those who are from Kanto, but I am conscious of the standard language…


” American English ” ならぬ、” Oh-sakan English “ですね。

The English version of (2) is also said to give an impression of “Kansai language to English” to those from the Kanto region.


And the Kansai dialect version of ③ received a comment that “the voice comes out in front” relatively in this.


After all, I can relax when I speak my normal language.


Please take a look at any of these if you like.

① ノーマルバージョン ( Normal Version ) ⬇️

② 英語バージョン ( English Version ) ⬇️

③ 関西言葉バージョン ( Kansai Language Version ) ⬇️


Thank you for your reading this post.


I’m looking forward to your next visit.