055 Alternation of generations (世代交代).

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The last train bound for Nara Station from Shinden Station.

This photo is taken when the double-tracking work in March 2019, between Shinden station and Rokujizo station, was operated by a substitute bus.

While passing the railroad crossing of the JR Nara Line every day, I did not know that the regular operation of this 103 series would be until March 11.

However, I felt that the day of retirement in this series was near, so I’m glad I took the opportunity to take a picture.

I think this vehicle probably had no air conditioning in the crew room, and the working conditions were harsh for the drivers and conductors.

There are days when the outside temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, and I feel like I’m going down to the job of taking care of the user’s life at the site where there is no air conditioning and there is not much ventilation while being surrounded by equipment.

The retirement of a familiar and familiar vehicle is lonely, but if the retirement of the 103 series led to an improvement in the environment of the people working in the field, I think it would have been good as well.

And, considering that the 205 series, which was retired in some areas of the Kanto region in Japan, is the “leading role in the future” on the JR Nara Line, I think it is still a blessed route.

From today, I will continue to take images of the 205 series running in my home town little by little.



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