043 To Osaka where my friend is waiting. (1/2)

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Today’s destination is Osaka.

A friend of mine is going to hold a two-person exhibition, so I decided to go see his painting for the first time in a while.

I have had a long relationship with my friends and I respect them in many ways, but his talent for painting is wonderful, and I have always been envious of them.

The means of transportation this time is Keihan Electric Railway.

From Tambabashi in Kyoto, first aim for Tenmanbashi in Osaka.

Keihan Electric Railway operated a limited express train that connects pay-seat vehicles called premium cars, but from September of this year (2021), premium car-connected vehicles have also been operated for rapid express trains.

As a result, I am a little happy because the train with special car has stopped at Neyagawa-shi(city) Station, which is the closest to the workplace where I used to work.

So, this time, I decided to take the Rapid Express that stops at Neyagawa-shi Station and head for Osaka.

Other railway lines connecting Kyoto and Osaka include JR West and Hankyu Railway.

Among them, this Keihan train has many curved sections due to the waypoints, and in terms of express delivery, it allowed the other two companies to lead, but it is fun to move, such as introducing a free two-story vehicle. There is something great.

In addition, this premium car is equipped with seats that seem to be more luxurious than the green car of the Tokaido Shinkansen, so you can enjoy comfortable transportation.

The scenery of the train window on the way is also rich in variety, such as the distant view of the mountains that spreads after leaving Chuu-shojima Station, the garages of the Yodo and Neyagawa, the iron bridge that connects the Uji and Kizu rivers, and the cityscape of Osaka city.

Also, personally, in addition to Neyagawa City, I pass through areas with memories of work such as Iwashimizu Hachimangu, so it is a route that I have a strong feeling for.

I’m sure that everyone reading this blog also has such a thoughtful route.

The video of ⬇️ is a little long, about 6 and a half minutes, but I hope you can see it with your memories.


At Osaka / Tenmanbashi, transfer to the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line.



Take this train for 2 stations.

Get off at Tanimachi 6-chome.




When I got off the subway, a shopping street with a unique Osaka atmosphere appeared.

I’m about to reach my destination, and I’m excited.

(Continued next time)



Thank you for your reading this post.

I’m looking forward to your next visit.